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blackberry jam

Black raspberry jam is the most luxurious type of berries with a rich taste

cherry jam

High quality cherry jam provides a rich addition to your table

Fava Beans

The most delicious dishes for breakfast

FIG jam

Fig jam, the original distinctive taste

green peas

It is distinguished by its distinctive and delicious taste, pure green color and high quality.

Hummus with tahini

Hummus with sesame paste is distinguished by its authentic and delicious taste

Lima bean

fresh authentic taste, Filling with the best modern methods

Orange jam

The finest and most delicious jam made from the best orange crops

red raspberry jam

authentic taste, attractive color, and high quality

rose jam

Rose jam is an enchanting color and an unforgettable taste

sesame tahini

Sesame tahini with distinctive taste and high quality

Special quince jam

The distinctive quince jam, the original taste of quince

strawberry jam

The best quality strawberry jam and the original flavor